The Lodge is part of the Waukesha-based Bryce Styza Properties, which includes Harmony Homes, Inc., an investment real estate and land development company. Bryce Styza Properties owns and manages a number of apartment communities, including The Boardwalk.

“What a Home Should Be” is not just our motto but a philosophy of Bryce Styza Properties. A home should include comfortable surroundings, memorable gatherings and be a place in which you’re proud to entertain friends and family. Add affordability and rethink the notion that only a house can be a home.

The Lodge team members are delighted to go the extra mile everyday for their residents, every one a VIP. They will accept your postal packages in your absence and even deliver them to your home upon request. Door-to-door dry cleaning service is available and reliable and includes money-saving coupons. Staff knows you by name and even remembers you on your birthday.

From your very first visit through every day you make The Lodge your home, staff is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our maintenance team is available round-the-clock if the need is urgent; they also work all day to provide you with convenience services for items even as small as replacement light bulbs. The on-site office is professionally staffed 7 days a week, so they are available when needed. To staff, every resident deserves VIP treatment.

Each spring, hundreds of flowers are planted around the property and, through autumn, both lawn and blooms are tended by professional landscapers. The results are beautiful. And winter snows need not be a worry – prompt and neat snow removal is a top priority!