“SETTING THE STANDARD” has been the guiding principle that marks the approach taken by Bryce Styza Properties with each of its developments. Our properties are built with the intent of retaining family ownership for years to come and with the desire to provide a quality living and working environment for our tenants. We take care in our design and construction process to select only the finest cabinetry, hardware, window and floor coverings, and appliances. Our lobbies are constructed with marble flooring, fireplaces, and other attractive and welcoming details.

Residents in our apartment communities are all VIP’s to us. We continually look for new ways to improve the living spaces we offer, to enhance the services and amenities we deliver and to introduce new ways to make our communities welcoming places to live.

“COMMUNITY COMMITMENT” has characterized the history of Bryce Styza Properties, Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Bryce Styza Properties remains committed to developing projects that represent a dynamic private and public coalition of citizen visionaries working to keep their hometown vital and inviting. Having built over 1800 apartments in 15 communities since 1958, Bryce Styza Properties continues to improve design and quality of construction with each new venture. This is evident in the beauty, architecture and dramatic rustic setting of the most recently built apartment community, The Lodge, opened in Waukesha, WI in June 2009.

“HARMONY AND PASSION” are two characteristics that describe the Owner and President of Bryce Styza Properties, Bryce Styza. His passion for building unique structures goes back to age 10, when, during the 1940’s, he and his brother assisted their father in building a 24-cabin resort in Hazelhurst, WI. They cleared the land, sawed and planed the timber, and hammered every nail themselves. The same feeling of accomplishment still motivates him today.

While undertaking the various building projects over the years, Bryce also developed a dedication to the importance of respecting nature. His approach to land and community development prioritizes balancing the needs of man and nature. He soon became a lobbyist, environmentalist, urban planner and civic leader.

What he has planned, he has built. Where there was nothing, now there are attractive apartment communities demonstrating “what a home should be”.

Our Commitment to privacy: Your privacy is important to us. Resident information is kept highly confidential. We only release it with your written consent or upon a court order.



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